Long Time No See!

Hello everyone!  Long time no see.  I know I promised you that I would write blogs and keep you up to date on my journey, but here it is a year later. I miserably failed at that promise. I’m so ashamed trust me!

The main reason for my absence is my year long struggle with a staph infection that just would not go away despite numerous antibiotics and surgeries. It got so bad that it ended up in my hip bone and they had to take it out.

So here I am with a floppy leg and your wondering why I couldn’t just write while I was locked up in the hospital with nothing to do but watch reruns on the tv. I mainly didn’t write because being in that state really took a number on me mentally.  Here I am ready to finally get out and live life and Bam! I’m stuck confined to a bed. I was not a happy camper. Expecially because that also ment that I was away from my husband and daughter for really long periods of time. Not that they didn’t come visit because they did. It’s just not the same. But now I am 100% infection free and finally doing the things I planned on doing last year.

So where to begin.  I guess with when I got out of the hospital for the final time. We ended up moving from our really small house and moved into a bigger house that has so much more room and my absolute favorite part, a front and back porch.Since we have moved here I have finally started driving again. That has helped alot with my anxiety, depression, and independence.  I no longer need to wait for Jake to take me anywhere. Which was driving me and him crazy. Mostly because he was spending his three days off from work doing errands and running me to doctors appointments and we could never really go anywhere fun. So now that I’m driving, watch out world, here I come!

We took a family trip to Pigeon Forge in September. We went to Dollywood and Ripley’s Aquarium which are both fun places to go. It was Angela’s first time going and she loved it! She wasn’t scared of the rollercoasters at all, but she was scared of the fish at the aquarium that you could pet. Then for Halloween we took her to the Boo at the Zoo in Knoxville. Of course she dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

After being away from her for so long I am so happy we could take time to do things as a family. I almost missed her second birthday last year. I got out of the hospital the day of her birthday. So we only had a very small party. This year for her birthday we rented a play area for her and her friends and family. We also took her to Disney Live. Her all time favorite thing in the world is Minnie Mouse. I wish she could have actually gotten to meet Minnie Mouse but they didn’t have a meet and greet. But she loved it so that’s all that matters.

I have also become obsessed with the pokemon games lately.  Jake bought me a 3DS and the Alpha Sapphire pokemon game while I was in the hospital. Since then I have caught all the pokemon, started shiny breeding, and started watching the tv series. On that note, hey did you know it’s pokemon’s 20th anniversary this year! I feel old!

Jake thinks I have a problem. He might be right but don’t tell him I said that. But hey my obsession has gotten me back into sewing!  I started following this awesome woman on youtube that has video tutorials and I used one of her videos to make a pokemon messenger bag.  Which will be awesome to take with me on my camping trip and when I go to Otucon.


So far I’ve only taken it with me to Fall Creek Falls. A beautiful place to visit if you ever come to Tennessee. Jake and my friend Willow got me out of my comfort zone and took me across the rope bridge and down some steps to see the smaller one of the falls. But I had so much fun and got some amazing pictures.

Willow has also been taking me to her hoop jams that she goes to. She is a very talented hula hooper and has been trying to teach me some arm hooping tricks. Unfortunately the person that was hosting the jams had to stop, but I think we could start up our own hoop jams sometime in the future.


Angela and Willow Hula Hooping


Jake has started a youtube channel with his friend Gil. It’s a lets play channel where you and watch them play video games and make fun of each other. I’m very proud of all the progress they have made on it.  Everyone really needs to check it out. Expecially if you play games.

We have a new addition to the family! A baby kitten named Pixie. All of our fur babies are named after candy. So far we have Reese, SugarBaby, Mr. Bubbles (Bubblicious), and now Pixie (stick). We found her and two other kittens living under our porch. Gil was the one who found them. Pixie is the runt of the litter. The other two went home with Gil. They own a farm so they have been wanting cats to hunt mice.

Thank you everyone for reading!


Happy February!


It’s February! The time of love! It’s also the time of the anniversary of my accident. It’s been 5 years! Wow!

My blog has appeared on the website The Mighty! So excited! I really hope I can help and inspire people.

So it’s the second month of the year and I have yet to post my new years resolutions. Since I am changing my life around I have to make them. So here is my list. Well a condensed version of it. If I posted all of it you would fall asleep.

·Personal Growth
   This one I want to work on my hobbies , old and new. Then of course I want to join a gym. I have lost a lot of strength and I need to get it back to stay independent. I also need to work on my Spiritual and Personal relationships. Being a mother has taken up a lot of my time and I need to start working on my marriage and my faith.
·Financial Growth
  We plan on buying or building a house in the near future and we need to get everything in order.
·Food and Nutrition
  Like normal 20 year olds we don’t eat as healthy as we should. So we plan on making a garden this year and having less preservatives in our food.
·Organization and Preparedness
  We are late for Everything. We always joke that we will be late to our own funeral. Plus being organized helps get life running smoothly.

So there it is. So far Jake and I have done really well. We only eat out twice a month which has helped a lot on finances. We have also been working on our own projects. Jake is starting a YouTube channel with a friend and I have been making a bunny for Angel’s birthday present. I will post pictures when I am done.

Well that’s all that’s going on here! Please check back on my progress! I will need the help to stay motivated!


The Beginning

The day of my accident was very bright and clear, and very cold. It was a few days after an ice storm, but everything had melted. So the roads was supposed to be safe, even though we lived out in the country.

My husband, Jake and I left our apartment at the same time, taking separate vehicles. He was going to school and I was on my way to work. I have driven on that road every day. So I felt safe on that road.

We split up at the usual spot, a church, but not even a mile away I wrecked.  As I was driving on a sharp curve, I felt the car start to slide. Of course I jerked the wheel trying to get the car under control. Which made me start to spin. At that point I knew I was going to wreck into a tree.

I remember two things running through my mind. The first was that I had forgotten to put on my seatbelt, but that I should be fine if I grip the steering wheel. The second was that my step dad was going to kill me since he had just got done fixing my car from where I had hit a deer.

The only thing I really remember after that was dirt and glass flying everywhere. Then everything stopped. I was laying in the back seat with my legs draped over the front seat. And I couldn’t breath. It felt like my chest would burst. It had to have been just a few seconds but felt like five minutes before I could get a breath.

After that I realised I couldn’t feel or move my legs. I guess I was in survival mood because I told myself not to think about it. That it’s just temporary and I can deal with it later. The most important thing was finding my cell phone so I could call for help. I could hear it vibrating from a call but didn’t know where it was.

This scared me more than anything, because I figured it would be awhile before anyone would drive by. I could barely move my arms and it was still hard to breath but I knew the phone had to be close by. I figured it was underneath me, but I couldn’t raise up to feel if it was there.
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