Happy February!


It’s February! The time of love! It’s also the time of the anniversary of my accident. It’s been 5 years! Wow!

My blog has appeared on the website The Mighty! So excited! I really hope I can help and inspire people.

So it’s the second month of the year and I have yet to post my new years resolutions. Since I am changing my life around I have to make them. So here is my list. Well a condensed version of it. If I posted all of it you would fall asleep.

·Personal Growth
   This one I want to work on my hobbies , old and new. Then of course I want to join a gym. I have lost a lot of strength and I need to get it back to stay independent. I also need to work on my Spiritual and Personal relationships. Being a mother has taken up a lot of my time and I need to start working on my marriage and my faith.
·Financial Growth
  We plan on buying or building a house in the near future and we need to get everything in order.
·Food and Nutrition
  Like normal 20 year olds we don’t eat as healthy as we should. So we plan on making a garden this year and having less preservatives in our food.
·Organization and Preparedness
  We are late for Everything. We always joke that we will be late to our own funeral. Plus being organized helps get life running smoothly.

So there it is. So far Jake and I have done really well. We only eat out twice a month which has helped a lot on finances. We have also been working on our own projects. Jake is starting a YouTube channel with a friend and I have been making a bunny for Angel’s birthday present. I will post pictures when I am done.

Well that’s all that’s going on here! Please check back on my progress! I will need the help to stay motivated!



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